Current Position

Professor of English, University of California, Riverside

Director of Graduate Admissions


Academic Employment History

University of California at Riverside:

Associate Professor of English. 2005-2012.

Director of Graduate Studies in English. 2008-2010.

Assistant Professor of English. 1999-2005.



Ph.D., Program in Literature, Duke University (1999).

B.A., Rutgers College, Rutgers University (1990)


Publications (from least to most recent)



Sex Objects: Art and the Dialectics of Desire (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2006). Honorable Mention for Alan Bray Memorial Prize (2007), finalist for Lambda Literary Award for writing on art and culture (2007). Reviewed by Signs, Art Monthly, Art in America, GLQ, The Feminist Review, and The Journal of Art and Design Education.


Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art (Duke University Press, 2013). Recipient of a Margaret Weiss Publication Award from The College Art Association. Reviewed in Los Angeles Review of Books (7/13) and Hyperallergic (3/14).


Campus Sex/Campus Security (Semiotext(e), 2015). Reviewed in Bookforum (Dec/Jan, 2015/16).


Books in Progress

Escape Velocity: Art, Sport and the Politics of the Body (working title) — an experiment in anti-segregationist sports writing, centered on the creative staging of struggle, resistance and escape in contemporary art about sports.

Queer Theory and the Scene of Friendship —Essays published since 2004 rewritten to surface a portrait of the practice of friendship within queer theory’s emergence.


Edited Books & Journals

Co-Editor, Pop Out: Queer Warhol (Durham: Duke University Press, 1996).

Co-Editor, New Feminist Theories of Visual Culture, a special issue of Signs (Spring 2006).

Editor, The Athletic Issue, a special issue of GLQ (Fall 2013).


Journal Articles

“Sex, Scandal and Thomas Eakins’s The Gross Clinic,” Representations (Fall 1999).

“Introduction: New Feminist Theories of Visual Culture,” co-authored with Amelia Jones, Signs (2006).

“Secrets and Lies: Gossip and Art’s Histories,” book review of Eakins Revealed, The Revenge of Thomas Eakins, and Between You and Me, for American Quarterly (June 2007).

“Jo March’s Love Poems,” in Nineteenth-Century Literature 60:3 (December 2005. Reprinted in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism, v. 218 (2009).

“’Art Versus Sport’: Managing Desire and the Queer Sports Spectacle” in X-TRA: Contemporary Art Quarterly 11:4 (Summer 2009).

“Blind Spots and Failed Performance: Abortion, Feminism, and Queer Theory” in Qui Parle 18:1 (Fall/Winter 2009).

“Decolonize Your Park,” Cabinet (Spring 2010).

“Guest Stars: Performance Art on Television”, Frieze (July 2010).

“Listening to the World Cup,” Social Text: Periscope (July 2010).

“City of Angles,” review essay of Cécile Whiting’s Pop LA; Alexander Schwartz’s Ed Ruscha’s Los Angeles; Chris Kraus’s Video Green and Where Art Belongs, Alissa Auther and Adam Lerner’s West of Center; Chon A. Noriega, Terezita Romo, and Pilar Tompkins Rivas’s L.A. Xicano. For Art Journal (Spring 2012).

“Angels of History: A Biography of David Wojnarowicz,” review for Los Angeles Review of Books. July 2012.

“Dirt Off Her Shoulders,” in GLQ 13:4 (2013).

“Untitled,” in Social Text 121 (2014).

“Queer Formalisms,” conversation with David Getsy, in Art Journal (Winter 2014). (This conversation was cited heavily as an inspiration for a special issue of the journal for the Association of the Arts of the Present (2:2, 2017).

“Wrestling Ideology” in Radical History Review (Spring 2016).

Review of The Imperial University for ALH Online Review, Series VIII (October 2016).

“On ‘A Case of Paranoia’ as a Workplace Complaint,” Studies in Gender and Sexuality Studies (Spring 2017).

“Em and Them: On Sexual Being and Belonging,” in Polygraph (2018).


Articles in Anthologies and Other Collections

“Introduction” (co-authored with Jonathan Flatley and José Muñoz), Pop Out: Queer Warhol (Duke University, 1996).

“Tricks of the Trade: Pop Art/Pop Sex,” in Pop Out: Queer Warhol (Duke University Press, 1996).

“Fear and Loathing in New York: An Impolite Anecdote about the Interface of Homophobia and Misogyny,” in Amelia Jones ed., The Feminism and Visual Culture Reader (New York and London: Routledge, Fall 2002).

“The Effect of Intimacy: Tracey Emin’s Bad Sex Aesthetic,” in Mandy Merck and Chris Townsend eds., The Art of Tracey Emin (London: Thames and Hudson, Fall 2002).

“The Trouble with Men, or, Sex, Boredom, and the Work of Vaginal Davis,” in Gavin Butt ed., After Criticism: New Responses to Contemporary Art (London: Blackwell, 2004).

“Critical Tears: Melodrama and Museums,” in Nicholas Baume ed., Getting Emotional (Boston: Institute for Contemporary Art, 2005).

“Queer Wallpaper,” in Amelia Jones ed., A Companion to Contemporary Art Since 1945 (London and New York: Blackwell, 2006). Reprinted in Donald Preziosi, ed., The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology (second edition), (Oxford, 2009).

“A Thin Line,” in Giancarlo Ambrosino ed., David Wojnarowicz: A Definitive History of Five or Six Years on the Lower East Side, (New York: MIT/Semiotext(e), 2006).

“Critical Tears: Looking at Franko B,” in Dominic Johnson ed., Blinded by Love (Milan: Pack Gallery, 2006).

“Between Friends,” in George Haggerty and Molly McGarry eds., The Blackwell Companion to Queer Theory (New York: Blackwell, 2007).

“Municipal de Fútbol” and “Voici Mon Épée,” in Jonathan Maghen ed., Municipal de Fútbol (Los Angeles: Textfield 2008).

“Forget Me,” in You Left Me Breathing (Beverly Hills: Gagosian Gallery, 2008).

“The Rhetoric of Prostitution,” in Jack Armariglio, Joseph Childers and Stephen Cullenberg eds., Sublime Economics: On the Intersection of Art and Economics (New York: Routledge, 2009)

“Girls, Interrupted: Queer Feminism, Art, and Abortion,” in New Directions in Feminist Art History (Vitoria, Spain: Montehermoso Cultural Center, 2010).

“Lost and Found,” in Cliff Lauson ed., Tracy Emin: Love Is What You Want (London: Hayward Publications, 2011).

“Ron Athey’s Dissociative Sparkle,” in Cruising the Archive: Queer Art and Culture in Los Angeles, 1945-1980 (Los Angeles: One Institute, 2011).

“Listening to the World Cup,” in Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann eds., The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Impact and Aftermath (University of Michigan Press, 2013).

“Sex with Ron” in Dominic Johnson ed., Pleading in the Blood: The Work of Ron Athey (London: Live Art Development Agency | Intellect, 2013).

“Gender, Media and Desire in the Sport Spectacle,” in Erica Suderberg and Ming Yuen S. Ma eds., Resolutions 3 (University of Minnesota Press, 2013).

“Campus Security,” published in a boxed edition of pamphlets the 2014 Whitney Biennial (Semiotext(e), 2014).

“Just Friends,” in Amelia Jones and Erin Silver eds., Sexual Differences and Otherwise: Queer Feminist Art Histories (Manchester: University of Manchester, 2015).

Distance Relation: Being with Adrian Howells,” in Dominic Johnson and Dierdre Heddon eds., It’s All Allowed: The Performance of Adrian Howells (Live Art Development Agency/Intellect, 2016).

“Pitches Less than Perfect: Notes on Soccer in Los Angeles,” in Wayne Wilson ed., Sports in Los Angeles (University of Arkansas Press, 2018).

In Press: “Picturing the Game: Feminist Art and Women’s Soccer,” in Daniel Haxell ed., Essays on Soccer and Visual Culture (Ashgate, 2018).

In Press: “Host Institution,” in Amy Powell ed., Autumn Knight: In Rehearsal (University of Illinois Press/Krannert Art Museum, 2018).


Public Scholarship  


Art Writing: Shorter Catalogue/Exhibition Material

“What Is a Witch?”: commentary on Kiki Smith’s Pyre Woman II for catalogue for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 45 Years of Feminist Art (Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts, 2007).

“I Feel Different”, short essay accompanying Tracey Emin’s installation (exhibition brochure) at the British Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2007 (British Arts Council, 2007).

“Stand Your Ground”, short catalogue essay for Pavilion Commissions 2008 (Leeds: Pavilion, 2008).

“Soft Subjects,” exhibition material for Hard Targets at the Wexner Center for the Arts (2010).

“Ritual and Routine,” exhibition material for “Synthetic Ritual” at Pitzer Art Galleries (September 2011).

“Fish Out of Water,” exhibition material for Tad Beck and Jennifer Locke’s Capsize (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions/University of Nevada, Reno, March 2012).

Art Writing: Reviews, Occasional and Shorter Essay


“The Woman in the Picture” a short essay on Carrie Mae Weems for Sweet Briar Museum Newsletter (Fall 1998).

“Mom’s Queer Camera,” book review of Becoming: The Photographs of Lady Clementina Hawarden for Cultural Studies (Fall 2000).

“Feminism: Three Views” for Frieze (March 2007).

Review of the US Pavilion at the Venice Biennale for Frieze (September 2007).

“Blood Work and the ‘Art Criminal,’” “Difficulty, Part 1: Deceptive Forms of Simplicity,” “Difficulty, Part 2” for Art21’s blog series on controversy and contemporary art (December 2008).

“Fever Pitch” for Frieze (Summer 2008).

“Mothers of Invention,” short essay for Aksioma Gallery (Slovenia) website (September 2008). http://www.reakt.org/vd/madonna_laibachdorf.html

Review of Kobena Mercer, ed. Pop Art and Vernacular Culture for Frieze (March 2008).

Review of Santiago Sierra at Lisson Gallery for Frieze (March 2008).

“Lo-Fi Sci Fi: Alexandro Segade’s The Holo Library” for KCET.org’s Artbound. April 2013.

“The Transformative Nature of In the Shadow of Forward Motion” for KCET.org’s Artbound. (May 2013).

“The Power of Butterfly” in Alex Klein ed., Suppose and Pair of Jeans: The Work of Anna Sew Hoy (May 2013).

“The Body and the Camera: Adrià Julià on Rocky Ascending,” KCET.org’s Artbound (July 2014).

“Beyond Prints: A Confrontation at the LA Art Book Fair,” KCET.org’s Artbound (February 2015).

“Is American Art History Conservative?” Panorama: Journal of the Association of American Art Historians (Summer 2016).

“Locker Room,” Seventeen: Harvard Design Magazine (Fall 2017).


Sports Writing and Commentary (selected)

“A World Cup Dream Inspires Indian Women’s Soccer” in The New York Times (January 28, 2010). Web.

“Football’s Stand Against Sexism and Homophobia,” The Guardian (June 2010). Web.

“ESPN Makes a Mare’s Nest of Women’s Sports,” The Guardian (January 2011). Web.

“Soccer, Art and Desire,” World Literature Today (May 2011).

Series of articles on the 2011 Women’s World Cup for FoxSoccer.com (July 2011). Web.

“Joe Paterno: a legend undone by a culture of silence,” The Guardian (November 2011). Web.

“What Happens When Teammates Rape,” Deadspin (November 2013). Web.

“What We Talk About When We Say Nobody’s Talking About Hope Solo,” Deadspin (September 2014).

“Carpet Burned,” Howler (August 2015).


Commentary in Critical University Studies (selected)

“Silent Majority: California’s War on its Students,” The Nation (November 2011).

“On Queer Theory and Current Events: On the Pulse shooting, and the work of Jasbir Puar and Amit Rai,” for Duke University Press blog (July 2016).

“Fear and Paranoia Contaminate Our Thinking: We Can’t Run Away from Rape,” Times Higher Education (November 2015).

“Title IX is Not Tenure’s Enemy” (letter to the editor), Chronicle of Higher Education (April 2016).



Frieze Magazine (September 2013)

The Believer Logger (July 2013)

“Bridging and Breaking: Roundtable,” Made in L.A. 2018 (Hammer Museum, 2018)


Curatorial Work (from most recent)

Curator, “Ron Athey: Gifts of the Spirit.” Sound-based installation/performance in which a chorus becomes a living machine that produces an otherworldly, collectively authored text. Collaboration with composer Sean Griffin. Funded by the Mike Kelley Foundation, produced in collaboration with VOLUME and The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. January 25, 2018.

Guest Curator, “The Tip of Her Tongue,” a feminist performance series for The Broad Museum (2015-2017). Performances by Karen Finley (first solo in LA in 20 years), Martine Syms (LA performance debut), Cassils (US performance debut), Xandra Ibarra (artist LA debut), Jibz Cameron (LA performance debut), Tanya Tagaq (first solo in LA), Boora Yoon (LA solo debut), Juliana Snapper (site specific performance developed for series) and Alexandro Segade (LA performance debut). Press/reviews to date include Los Angeles Times, Artforum (Best of 2016), Hyperallergic, Women & Performance.

Guest Curator, Nao Bustamante: Soldadera, Vincent Price Art Museum, May 2015-Aug 2015.

Member, Human Resources Los Angeles. Through my work at HRLA (I’m now on the Board; I was managing director from 2013-2015), I have organized more events than can be listed here, working in collaboration with the gallery’s curatorial collective. Below are a few projects I initiated, hosted and/or developed in collaboration with members of HRLA’s community. See humanresourcesla.com for an overview of HRLA’s programming.

Keijaun Thomas, April 2015.

(with VOLUME) M Lamar, Surveillance Punishment and the Black Psyche, February 2015

Rocío Boliver & Tibault Delferière, The Sea Anemone & the Hermit Crab, February 2015

Ligia Manuela Lewis, Sorrow Swag, October 2014.

Decolonize the White Box, October, November, 2014; February 2015; March 2016 — a series of public forums which kicked off a multi-year community-based working group centered on supporting anti-racist creative practice. Often cited as inspiring a wave of such efforts across art spaces in the city.

Putilandia: Rosé Herndandez, Sofia Moreno, September 2014.

Rafa Esparza, El Hoyo, July 2013.

Ron Athey, Messianic Remains, July 2013.

Curator, “You Belong to Me: Art and the Ethics of Presence,” University of California, Riverside. Sponsored by UCHRI. Fall 2008/Winter 2009. Artists included Ron Athey, Julie Tolentino, Cassils, Zackary Drucker, Ursula Rucker and James Luna. Project also featured a week-long seminar co-taught with Ron Athey.

Guest Curator, “I Feel Different” at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. October 2009-January 2010. Artists presented: Nao Bustamante, Monica Duncan and Lara Odell, James Luna, Lezley Saar, Susan Silton, David Wojnarowicz, Niña Yhared.

with Raquel Gutierrez, “Aqui No Hay Virgenes: Queer Latina Visibility” at The Advocate Gallery/Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Center (Spring 2007). Artists presented: Alice Bag, Nao Bustamante, Alma Lopez, Delilah Montoya and Shizu Saldamando.

Assistant Curator/Production Assistance for performance art festival, Platinum Oasis/OUTFEST: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (July 2002).


Grants, Honors, Awards (from most recent)

2016 Mike Kelley Foundation Grant (co-author, with Ron Athey and Robert Crouch), in support of Ron Athey’s Gifts of the Spirit.

2015 Major Project Grant, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts in support of curatorial work with Nao Bustamante (Soldadera at the Vincent Price Art Museum in East Los Angeles).

2013-2014 Fulbright Distinguished Chair, Center for Transnational Research in Art, Identity, and Nation at the University of the Arts in London.

2013 Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for The Athletic Turn (now The Forms of Our Content).

2012 Margaret Weiss Publishing Award from the College Art Association for Hold It Against Me.

Research Fellow and Group Organizer for Interdisciplinary Research Group on “Public Memory and Political Conscience,” Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside (Spring 2013).

Office of Research Support Faculty Grant for research on art and soccer in India (2009-2010) and South Africa (2010-2011).

Pasadena Arts Alliance Grant (co-authored with Carol Stakenas) for curatorial project at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, “I Feel Different” (2008).

Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellowship, Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College, University of London (2007-2008).

UCHRI Extramural Collaborations Grant, for curatorial project at California Museum of Photography, “The Ethical Presence/I.E. You Belong to Me” (2007-2008, postponed to 2008-2009).

Distinguished Visiting Professor of the Humanities, Grinnell College (Fall 2006).

Research Fellow and Group Organizer for Interdisciplinary Research Group on “Left Fields: Marxist Studies, Identity, and Cultural Politics.” Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside (Winter 2005).

Ford Foundation Grant for Conference on Intersectional Feminisms (2002-2003).

Regents Grant for Junior Faculty Development (2000, 2002)

Major Instructional Improvement Grant for the development of the Visual Resources Collection at University of California, Riverside (Fall 2001).

Research Fellow and Group Organizer for Interdisciplinary Research Group on “Giving Media Studies Body.” Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside (Fall 2000).


Conference Organizing (from most recent)

with Dominic Johnson, Overstimulated (symposium and performance programming), Human Resources Los Angeles. February 2015.

Absorbing, Transforming Violence in and through our Work. Vincent Price Art Museum. Speakers included Cristina Rivera Garza, Rafa Esparza, Raquel Guttiérrez, Artemisa Clark. July 2015. (Supporting programming for Soldadera exhibition.)

Queer Lab, University of California Riverside. Three-year initiative supporting graduate research in queer studies and public programming. 2013-2016.

with Karen Tongson and Josh Kun, Site Resources Committee for the 2014 American Studies Association Annual Convention (organized panels, events at convention hotel and in the area engaging local resources). November 2014.

Critical Resources: A Visual Studies Symposium at Human Resources Los Angeles. January 2013.

Steering Committee, “Queer Visualities (Fall 2004),” Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the CUNY Graduate Center.

with Amelia Jones and Molly McGarry, Intersectional Feminism & Visual Culture. Sponsored by Ford Foundation/Center for Ideas and Society. Spring 2003.

with Jonathan Katz, “The Forbidden Eakins: The Sexual Politics of Thomas Eakins and His Circle,” SUNY Stony Brook/Manhattan (New York City, June 2002). Sponsored also by Women’s Studies at Barnard College and at New York University, by Yale University and by C.L.A.G.S. at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Steering Committee, “Black Aesthetics: 1960-2001,” an interdisciplinary conference at Riverside, CA (October 2001).

with José Muñoz and Jonathan Flatley, Re-Reading Warhol: The Politics of Pop, Duke University (January, 1993).

Other Notable Programming Collaborations: consulted with Claudia Bestor with programming Ben Neil and David Wojnarowicz’s In the Shadow of Forward Motion (screening). Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. May 2013. This was the first screening of this 4-channel collaboration since Wojnarowicz’s death—yielded first digital edition of this work. Consultation with Bestor also led to the first public screening of Zidane: a 21st Century Portrait in 2010.  “Walk the Revolution” (communal gallery tour of WACK! The Feminist Art Revolution at Museum of Contemporary Art), co-organized with Catherine Lord, Los Angeles, March 2007.


Invited Talks/Public Lectures (from most recent/since 2006)

Upcoming: “Institutional Violation: Sexual Violence, Sex Segregation and Sports.” California State University, Northridge. April 2018.

Upcoming: “The Football We Want.” Keynote for Upfront and Onside: The Women’s Football Conference, National Football Museum, Manchester, England. March 2018.

“Em and Them: Gender, Grief and Queer Pedagogy.” Keynote for Researching (with) Difficulty Feelings (symposium centered on Hold It Against Me), Consortium for the Humanities and the Arts South-East England | Birkbeck University of London. December 2017.

“Em and Them: Gender, Grief and Queer Pedagogy.” Lacay Lecture, Georgetown University, October 2017.

“Em and Them: Gender, Grief and Queer Pedagogy.” Eastern Michigan University. October 2017.

“Em and Them: Gender, Grief and Queer Pedagogy.” Paul Brach Visiting Artist Lecture Series, California Institute of the Arts. October 2017.

“The Uneventful: Feminist and Women’s Sports,” Action!: Performance, Sport and Moving Bodies in Film and Visual Media, University of Pittsburgh. September 2017.

“On Harassment Dynamics, Paranoia and the Campus,” Institute for Research on Women, Rutgers University. April 2017.

“Sex, Paranoia and the Workplace,” University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. March 2017.

“Sex, Paranoia and the Workplace,” Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. January 2017.

“Wrestling Ideology: Segregation, Sex and Sexual Difference,” NGBK/Berlin. August 2016.

“Distance/Relation,” CORE Program Lecture Series, Glassell School of Art/MFA Houston. May 2016.

“Reparative Work in a Paranoid Structure,” New York University. April 2016.

“Reparative Work in a Paranoid Structure,” Hobart Smith College. April 2016.

“Reparative Work in a Paranoid Structure,” Duke University. March 2016.

“Sex, Theory and Paranoid Structures,” An Invitation of Sorts: a talk series. March 2016.

“Life in the Iron Mills/Death of the Artist.” USC/Roski. January 2016.

“Campus Sex/Campus Security,” University of Chicago. October 2015.

“Campus Sex/Campus Security,” California State University, Los Angeles. May 2015.

“Just Friends,” Art History, University of California Santa Barbara, October 2014.

“Art v Sport: What Can Artists Teach Us about Sports and Rape Culture?,” Allen Hite Endowed Lecture, University of Louisville. September 2014.

“Art, Sex, Sport,” Feminist Conversation Series, University of Southern California. September 2014.

“Just Friends.” University of California, UC Santa Barbara. November 2014.

“The Politics of Emotion in Contemporary Art.” Luminato Festival, Toronto. June 2014.

“The Administration of Harassment: Campus Security.” University of California, Davis. May 2014.

“The Fist: Notes on an Athletic Gesture.” San Francisco Art Institute. April 2014.

“A World Without a World Cup.” Joseph G. Astman Distinguished Conference Scholar. Hofstra University. April 2014.

“Difficulty, Emotion, Art Criticism: On Writing Hold It Against Me.” Art Institute of Chicago. March 2014.

“Sex and the Psychic Skin.” University of California, Berkeley. March 2014.

“The Fist Is Still Up.” For Something You Should Know, École Normal/Paris. February 2014.

“The Fist Is Still Up.” Victoria & Albert Museum. London. February 2014.

“Campus Security: Our Allegorical Cop.” Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. February 2014.

“The Fist Is Still Up.” University of Bristol, UK. February 2014.

“Queer/Sport/Media.” Chelsea School of the Arts, London. January 2014.

“Campus Security: Our Allegorical Cop.” Queen Mary University. London. November 2014.

“The Spectacle of Sexuality: An Olympic Problem.” Leeds Metropolitan University. October 2013.

“The Spectacle of Sexuality: An Olympic Problem.” Chelsea School for the Arts, London. October 2013.

“The Sport Spectacle.” York University. York, UK. October 2013.

“Warhol, Art Criticism and Art History,” at York University, UK, October 2013.

“Marta’s Pink Star, Caster Semenya’s Velocity.” University of California, Irvine Humanities Center. April 2013.

“Marta’s Pink Star, Caster Semenya’s Velocity.” Sporting Matters, SUNY Stony Brook. March 2013.

“Touchy Subject: Ron Athey.” Visual Studies at the University of California, San Diego. January 2013.

“Touchy Subject: Ron Athey.” Craig Owens Memorial Lecture, Program in Visual Culture, University of Rochester. October 2012.

“Marta’s Pink Star: Feminist Perspectives on International Women’s Soccer.” Duke University. March 2012.

“Hold It Against Me: Difficulty, Emotion and Contemporary Art,” Universidad Federale do Rio de Janeiro. March 2012.

“Marta’s Pink Star: Feminist Perspectives on International Women’s Soccer,” Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás. March 2012.

“‘History Keeps Me Awake Some Nights’: Difficulty and David Wojnarowicz’s Portraits of Peter Hujar,” Penn State University. February 2012.

“Art and Politics: The Politicization of Arts Funding and the Case of David Wojnarowicz,” Obra Social Caja Madrid/Latitudes – Espao Cultural Caja Madrid. July 2011.

“Art and the Abortive Mother,” Hayward Gallery, London. June 2011.

“’History Keeps Me Awake Some Nights’: David Wojnarowicz’s portraits of Peter Hujar” for “Let’s Queer Art History” at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. May 2011.

“Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art: David Wojnarowicz.” New York University. February 2011.

“Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art: David Wojnarowicz.” Bryn Mawr College. February 2011.

“Notes from a Queer Feminist Sports Writers.” Rutgers University. January 2011.

“Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art: David Wojnarowicz.” The National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC. January 2011.

“Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary Art: Carrie Mae Weems.” McGill University, Montréal Canada. January 2011.

“Gender & the Athletic Gesture in Contemporary Art,” Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. November 2010.

“Queer Art/Queer Politics,” Panorama Festival, Rio de Janeiro. November 2010.

“Art/Sport”, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. October 2010.

“Managing Desire: Fútbol & the Queer Sport Spectacle,” University of California, Santa Cruz. May 2010.

“Soft Subjects: Gender and Contemporary Art about Sports,” Wexner Museum of Contemporary Art. March 2010.

“Managing Desire: Fútbol & the Queer Sport Spectacle,” at Imprenta, Los Angeles, CA. June 2009.

“Love, Sex, Friendship: The Queer Case of Blue Movie,” at b_books, Berlin. March 2009.

“Managing Desire: Queer Sport Spectacle” at UC San Diego. February 2009.

“Difficult Art/Hard Feelings” (lecture & seminar) at UC San Diego. February 2009.

“Friends with Benefits,” “Andy: 80?” at Harvard University. October 2008.

Futures Interrupted: Queer Theory and Abortion.” Montehermoso Cultural Center in Vitoria, Spain. June 2008.

“Other Galaxies: Amateur Football (Soccer) in Los Angeles”, Queen Mary College, London. June 2008.

“Difficulty and Performance”, Goldsmiths College, University of London. June 2008.

“Women in Warhol’s Films”. Central Saint Martins College, London. May 2008.

“A Thin Line: Grief and the Narrative Turn”. Art History Department, University of Pennsylvania. February 2008.

“The Problem with Other People’s Sincerity.” University of Edinburg. January 2008.

“Writing Queer Art History.” The Courtauld Institute, London, England. November 2007.

“Thin Line: Politics of Emotion in Contemporary Art.” Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths College. October 2007.

“Between Friends: Intimacy and Collaboration in Blue Movie.” For Askioma/Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia. June, 2007.

“Critical Tears: Art and the Politics of Emotion”. For Humanities Institute, Grinnell College, Iowa. April 2007.

“’The Agony of Touch’: Serious Feeling and Ron Athey’s ‘Incorruptible Flesh’”. Keynote address for UC Irvine Visual Studies Graduate Student Association Conference. March 2007.

“A Thin Line.” For Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions Gallery, Los Angeles. January 2007.

“Between Friends: Women, Gay Men, and Feminist Friendship.” For Humanities Institute, Grinnell College, Iowa. October, 2006.

“Reading David Wojnarowicz through the Lens of the Nineteenth Century.” For American Studies, University of Minnesota. December, 2006.


Conference Presentations, Panels/Roundtables & Workshops (from most recent/since 2006)

Upcoming: Panel organizer and presenter: “Group Encounters: Rethinking the Social in and through Performance,” College Art Association, Los Angeles, February 2018.

Upcoming: Roundtable, “Sites of Micro-Community”, College Art Association, Los Angeles, February 2018.

Presenter: “Unteachable Moments: Sex, Violence and the Limits of the Queer Commons,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, October 2017.

Roundtable, “Sexual Assault on College Campuses,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Chicago, October 2017.

Panelist, “Civility and Free Speech on Campus,” California State University, Los Angeles. October 2017.

Lecture, “White and Wrong,” Human Resources Los Angeles, July 2017.

Roundtable, “Taking the Knee,” USC Annenberg School for Communications. October 2017.

Presenter, “Anti-harassment Writing,” University and State, University of California, Irvine. October 2017.

Convener, Book of Revelation Reading Group, Los Angeles. November 2016-June 2017

Workshop leader, Campus Sex/Campus Security and reparative work, Vassar College. April 2017.

Presenter, “Reparative Work in a Paranoid House: Revisiting Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s ‘You’re So Paranoid…’,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. November 2016.

Presenter, “Campus Sex/Campus Security — Queer Theory and Consent,” Performance Studies Summer Institute, Northwestern University. July 2015.

Panelist, The Culture Wars, with Ron Athey and John Killacky at the Walker Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota. March 2015.

Workshop participant, Agency (on copyright, athletic performance and sports broadcast) at Redcat. February 2015.

Presenter, “Just Friends: On the Making of Pop Out,” MLA Annual Meeting. Vancouver, January 2015.

Presenter, “Revolt of the Woman Athlete/Boycotting the Women’s World Cup,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, November 2014.

Panel discussion: “Feeling Used: The Appropriation of Sexuality”, Frieze Art Fair, London. October 2014.

Presenter, “Art and the World Cup”, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. June 2014.

Panel discussion: “Art and Emotion,” Hunter College MFA exhibition. June 2014.

Workshop leader and public lecture, “Grief-work”, Luminato Festival, Toronto, Canada. June 2014.

Convener, “Public Forum: Celebrity/Performance Art”, at Human Resources, Los Angeles CA, March 2014.

PhD Seminar on “Art vs. Sport” at the University of the Arts, London, February 2014.

Presenter, “Campus Security,” MLA Annual Meeting, Chicago. January 2014.

Presenter, “The Administration of Harassment,” ASA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC. November 2013.

PhD Workshop on Difficulty at the University of the Arts, London. November, 2013.

Live Art Long Table on Feminism at the Live Art Development Agency, London. November 2013.

Presenter, “Art and the Global Football Spectacle (the case of the women’s game),” Football 150 at the National Football Museum, Manchester, England. September 2013.

Presenter, “Making a Spectacle of Angeleno Futbol, or Not,” American Studies Association Annual Meeting. San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2012.

Presenter, “On Eloquence,” for Sport Salon: First Edition at Human Resources, Los Angeles. September 2012.

Panelist, “Gender and Sports,” KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum, Pasadena, CA, August 2012.

Presenter, “Hard Core Performance,” Performance Studies International. Leeds, June 2012.

Workshop leader, “Feminist Theory, Queer Theory and Reproductive Rights” for the Women’s Studies Department at Duke University, March 2012.

Presenter, “Queer Feminism and Visual Studies,” three-day seminar for the Philosophy Department at Universidad Federal do Rio de Janeiro, March 2012.

Workshop co-facilitator, “Making Time,” Performance Studies workshop sponsored by the Arts Research Center/UC Berkeley. Los Angeles (CAA off-site event), February 2012.

Presenter, “Hard Feelings: Emotion and Contemporary Art.” “Performance Evaluations,” a Centennial Session for The College Art Association. Los Angeles, February 2012.

Co-moderator/convener, “Feminism, Performance, Politics,” 0:00 Reset at Human Resources Gallery (a part of Pacific Standard Time festival programming). Weekly seminars involving appx 40 participants (artists, writers, students) through January 2012.

Co-organizer and panelist, “Marina Abramovic, Yvonne Rainer, Gala Theater and Performance Art Politics” with Matias Viegener and Dino Dinco at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. December 2011.

Presenter, “Listening to the World Cup.” Experience Music Project. Los Angeles. February 2011.

Presenter, “Jack Smith’s Concrete Jungle.” College Art Association. New York City. February 2011.

Presenter, “Flowers, the weather and stuff: Jack Smith’s Scotchtape” for Live Film!. Berlin. November 2009.

Presenter, “Municipal de Fútbol” for ART LA 2009. Santa Monica, CA. January 2009.

Presenter, “Critical Limits: Art from Impossible Places” for American Studies Association. Albuquerque. October 2008.

Presenter, “Expression, Emotion, Critical Identity Practices: James Luna” for California Indian Conference. Palm Desert, California. October 2008.

Presenter, “Girls Will Be Boys”, for “Hard Targets” roundtable discussion of masculinity and sport for Los Angeles County Museum. October 2008.

Presenter, “Gender, Football, and the Art of the Telecracy” for Performance Studies International Conference, Copenhagen. August 2008.

Presenter, “Girls, Interrupted: Abortion, Performance, and Liberal Feminism” for Performance Studies International Conference, Copenhagen. August 2008.

Co-organizer, with Henry Adams. “New Perspectives on Thomas Eakins and His Circle” for College Art Association Annual Meeting. Houston (February 2008).

Presenter, “’Hell Is Other People’: Ron Athey’s ‘Incorruptible Flesh’” for Performance Studies International Conference, New York. October 2007.

Co-organizer and participant, WACK/roundtable conversation on feminism, race, globalization and contemporary art, at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. March, 2007.

Presenter, “The Agony of Touch” for Popular Culture Studies Caucus at the Modern Language Association Annual Convention. December 2006.

Moderator: Conversation with artist Nao Bustamante at Annual Meeting for American Studies Association. Oakland, November 2006.


Radio and Television (selected)

4’O’Clock Tuesdays with Gustavo Arellano (KPFK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles) guest appearances to discuss soccer politics, 2009-2010.

The People’s Game, daily podcasts through 2010 World Cup (KPFK 90.7 FM, archived at http://www.thepeoplesgame.org/), June/July 2010 with occasional appearances during the 2014 World Cup.

Work Better (KCHUNG.com streaming radio), conversation about Hold It Against Me, June 2013.

Soccer Gods (Fusion TV), guest appearance to discuss Hope Solo, the NFL and Intimate Partner Violence, Sept 2014.

All Things Considered (NPR), “Women’s World Cup Soccer Kicks Off,” June 2015.

Sex City with Loise Bak (CIUT 89.5 FM, Toronto) guest appearance to discuss Hold It Against Me, December 2014; sexual harassment, January 2016.

Off the Ball (Newstalk 106-8 FM, Dublin), guest appearance to discuss Caster Semenya and gender testing. https://soundcloud.com/offtheball/the-caster-semenya-debate

Performance Now (KCHUNG streaming radio), Los Angeles) conversations with Carol Cheh and John Tain about performance art in Los Angeles, August 2013, November 2013, June 2016, July 2017.


Media Consultation (selected)

The New York Times, “Everything about Warhol but the Sex,” July 14, 2002.

The New York Times, “A Close Reading: The Gross Clinic,” November 19, 2006.

The New York Times: “Seeking Art All Over the Map,” Feb 8, 2014

Time.com: “Explaining James Franco Explaining Shia LaBeouf,” Feb 20, 2014



Committee Work at University of California, Riverside

Director of Graduate Admissions, English Department (2016-present).

Member, UCR Sawyer Seminar Proposal Development Committee (2016-2017).

Member, Transforming Graduate Admissions to Increase Graduate Student Diversity: Crafting a Model to Effect Change [UC system-wide working group] (2016-2017).

Chair, Committee on Hiring Priorities, English Department (2016-2017).

Chair, Executive Committee for the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (2014- 2015)

Member, Executive Council, University of California, Riverside (2014-2015)

Director, QueerLab: programming to support queer studies at UCR (2012- 2014).

Co-chair, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Studies Minor (2005; 2012- 2015).

Member, Graduate Committee, English Department (2010-2013).

Placement Committee, English Department (2000-2002, 2012-2013).

Director of Graduate Studies, English Department (2008-2010).

Chair, Ad-hoc Committee on Hiring Needs, English Department, Riverside (2006).

Member, Executive Committee, Media and Culture Studies Department (formerly Film & Visual Culture), (1999-2004).

Executive Committee, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (Elected position: Fall 2001-2003).

Member, Undergraduate Committee, English Department (1999-2001, 2004-2007).

Member, Committee on Writing Courses, English Department (2002-2003, 2007).

Member, Media Resources Committee, English Department (2000-2002).

Search Committees at University of California, Riverside

Member, Executive Director for ARTSblock/UCR (2016).

Member, Junior position in Latina/o & Chicana/o Literary & Cultural Studies (2011-2012).

Member, Junior position in African-American Film and Visual Culture (2005-2006).

Member, Senior position in Film Studies (interdisciplinary search, 2002-2003).

Member, Junior position in New Media for Art History (2002-2003).

Member, Junior position in New Media for the English Department (2000-2001).


American Studies Association

Nominating Committee, 2018-2021

Site Resources Committee for 2014 Annual Meeting

Council Member, 2010-2013

Human Resources Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

Collective Member (2012-2013)

Board of Directors (2013-present)

Managing Director (March 2014-September 2015)

Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA

Board of Directors, (2005-2008)


Manuscript Review

American Quarterly (visual culture)

Aztlán (gender studies/sports studies)

Contemporary Theater Revue (genre studies)

Criticism (visual culture/queer theory)

Cultural Studies (visual culture/gender studies)

Duke University Press (queer studies/visual culture, art history)

Feminist Formations (sports studies)

GLQ (visual culture, queer theory)

Illinois University Press (Warhol studies)

J19 (art history/visual culture)

Journal of Sport and Social Issues (feminist sports studies)

Lesbian Studies (art history)

Manchester University Press (art history, film and performance studies)

Meridians (contemporary art history)

New York University Press (visual and performance studies)

Performance Art Journal (performance studies)

Routledge Press (cultural studies/queer theory)

South African Review of Sociology (sports studies)

South Asian Popular Culture (sports studies)

Signs (visual culture)

Television and New Media (visual culture and performance)

Theater Journal (gender studies/performance studies)

University of Manchester Press (visual culture)

University of Minnesota Press (visual and performance studies, queer theory)

Editorial Boards


Feminist Formations: art editor, 2013-2016

(In)visible Culture

Women & Performance

American Quarterly: exhibitions review editor, 2007-2010


Membership in Professional Organizations

College Art Association, Modern Language Association, American Studies Association